The Martesana Group Business Travel division stands by its customers, adeptly managing dynamics associated with business travel. Our offer includes designing custom services, providing ongoing assistance to travellers, guaranteeing the best prices and consulting on the selection of a programme to survey and analyse business travel costs.

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Planning and Managing Business Travel

Business Travel Centre

The Business Travel Centre is a dedicated Service Team within the agency. This team comprises senior staff members who respond to all customer requests, ensuring compliance to the Travel Policy. Results are achieved by applying the vast experience and proven skills of Martesana Group personnel and continuously investing in staff training in specific areas of competency: Air Travel, Rail Travel, Sea Travel, Hotels and Conferences.

Travel Policy

Martesana Travel works with the customer to provide coordinated management and consultancy in developing the most suitable corporate Travel Policy.

Reporting system

In order to maintain control of company travel costs, it is necessary have an advanced analysis tool. Martesana Travel uses a statistical analysis system to offer a comprehensive detailed vision of objectives achieved and margin analysis to drive improvements that are compatible with the Travel Policy in place.

Corporate Welfare

Martesana Travel collaborates with select corporate platforms to offer its “travel” services to employees at participating companies. Using their welfare credit, they can choose among an infinite list of destinations Martesana Travel makes available for personal travel experiences. We are available to companies looking to extend this opportunity to their collaborators as well, personalising the purchase agreement formula through vouchers. If your company participates in the Edenred Welfare Ticket circuit, visit:

Customised and automated payment processes

Our payment processes offer significant benefits in reconciling with the administrative office and ensure the highest level of transparency.

Online services

Our online services allow direct hotel bookings, greater choice and flexibility for the customer, and an increasingly broader search selection for both airline rates and hotel bookings. Plus, the services can be used 24/7 in an environment that is guaranteed to be safe.

Travel Agent Services

The Martesana Group also offers a special service for travel agents who do not have a IATA code. Martesana Travel will book and issue all of the ticketing through its GDS, then send the tickets to the agency. Another option is for the agency to create a PNR and send the queued PNR to Martesana Travel for ticket issuing, given it has its own GDS.
Another service we offer travel agents is support in securing hotel rates that benefit from the many corporate agreements we have in place with hotels and large hotel chains.

To summarise, services we offer Travel Agents include:

  • GDS agreement through Martesana Travel;
  • flight reservations made directly by the agency;
  • ticket issuing through Martesana Viaggi;
  • group ticketing.